Spliced Solid Linen Cushion Cover 50x50cm


  • dark grey
  • navy blue
  • blue
  • orange

This linen fabric treated with Pigment Wash Dyed and Sand Wash Crinkle. And two pieces of the same fabric are stitched in a “Z” shape with the same color as the fabric. Delicate and exquisite stitches form a cross shape with the back zipper. Premium linen material combining exquisite and high-quality technology all contribute to your comfort and gorgeous home. Our solid cushion cover with brilliant color will keep your mood up and brighten your home.

Linen what we use are come from Normandy-France, the best flax in the world. As one of the oldest textile fibers, it is breathable, ultra-soft and ecological, the ideal raw material for a more sustainable future.

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